EUGENE, Ore. - J.H. Baxter, a maker of wood preservatives and pressure-treated wood products, will pay $64,000 in fines for mishandling hazardous waste and improper storage.
The forest products manufacturer committed several violations the EPA announced early this week. The Agency specifically found staining from the wood preservatives creosote and pentachlorophenol on an asphalt pad outside of a containment area, found an unmarked and undated container of hazardous waste from wood treating activities, and found that Baxter was not adequately cleaning a drip pad to prevent preservatives from escaping from the containment area.
The company is reportedly working with Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality to clean up contaminated groundwater in and around its property. EPA's action is focused on preventing further contamination of groundwater and soil. 
Founded in 1896, J.H. Baxter is a women-owned manufacturer of pressure-treated wood products, power poles, structural beams, and wood preservatives, and is the owner and manager of its own timberlands. 


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