BENTONVILLE, Ar. - Retail giant Walmart is launching a new, premium line of diapers - and they're made of wood fiber.
The diaper is just one of the retailer's upcoming items. Walmart will add 100 new items to its Parent's Choice brand and upgrading 100 more.
The environmentally-friendly diapers will feature lining made of sustainable wood pulp. The lining will be extremely absorbent, offering 12 hours of dryness. The diapers also feature a change indicator, which turns blue, when it's time for a change. The diapers will be priced at $7.24 for a pack of 35.
Walmart hopes that by enhancing its baby product line, it will gain an edge in attracting younger consumers as they are starting families. The new products and upgrades also come at a time when Toys R Us, a major competitor, is filing for bankruptcy. Walmart also says that diapers are a huge driver for customer traffic because they must be purchased frequently.
The diapers, along with new eco-friendly wipes, spill-proof sippy cups, a 53-piece bedding collection, and more organic baby food, will hit shelves in January 2018.

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