WALDBORO, ME -   Demand for Maine hardwoods in the restaurant and culinary industry are on the rise. As a result, wood cooking plank manufacturer Flame Grilling Products opened a 30,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution center in Waldoboro, ME.

“Our new 30,000 sq. ft. facility will enable us to grow with our customers by expanding our drying capacity, adding new production equipment, and expanded shipping and processing capabilities,” says Kenneth Theobald, president.

The 10-year-old firm, which says it invented oval grilling planks and introduced $100 million grilling market to Northern White Cedar grilling planks, also plans to open a plant in Florida. 

"The market demand for Maine grilling woods such as apple, sugar maple, black cherry, beechnut, white cedar, oak, mountain olive as well as our own native varieties of hickory and mesquite has grown to the point that we need more room,” says Theobald. Flame Grilling Products manufactures the various species into dust, chips, chunks, various sized oval planks, and traditional rectangles.

The Theobald Family began as a small family business operating out of its farmstead in Brooks, Maine, to become a multi-million dollar a year enterprise. Theobald says he will open a sister operation in Fort Pierce, Florida to supply the market with the southern varieties of fruit and nut woods.

While the market is dominated by the traditional varieties of hickory and mesquite, “the demand for our exotic woods is growing by leaps and bounds,” says Theobald. “We want to be in a position to supply this growing demand well into the future.” says Mr. Theobald.

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