WASHINGTON – A debate over a 2,000-mile wall couldn’t keep the federal government closed, but two inches of slushy snow shut down the U.S. capital city.

The weather put a damper on the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America industry fly-in, with some planned appointments cancelled by legislators, but WMMA members tromped through the slush and made a number of contacts and meetings for the event. (It’s worth noting that legislators from places like Minnesota and Vermont remained on duty during the snow.)

There was plenty to discuss during the event. Issues targeted by the WMMA Public Policy Committee included CTE funding, relief from steel tariffs and healthcare reform.

WMMA continues to support short- and long-term funding and implementation for career and technical education programs in order to strengthen manufacturing competiveness and create good-paying jobs and careers. WMMA also supports reforming America’s healthcare system with a program that balances insuring Americans without imposing undue financial burden on WMMA’s small business members.

The association also requested that Congress work with the Trump Administration to ensure that the final outcome of the steel tariffs be implemented in such a way that it protects U.S. manufacturers of downstream products such as woodworking equipment.

The WMMA Public Policy Committee met in Arlington, Virginia, during the event. Ron Eidshaug, vice president of the U.S. Chamber's Congressional and Public Affairs Division, spoke about the state of partisan politics during the manufacturing policy breakfast at the fly-in hotel. Woodworking Machinery Industry Association members and Woodworking Network also participated in the fly-in.

Also, the WMMA joined the National Association of Manufacturers in urging Republicans and Democrats to develop and pass a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The letter to Senate and House leadership states that "substantial and long-term investments in all kinds of infrastructure are needed to expand our economy, grow jobs and compete globally."

WMMA is planning a June fly-in. See https://www.wmma.org/

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