Photo by Polaris.Movement/Instagram

As minimalism continues its trend, a new, but related movement is beginning to show its head. 

Known as #furniturefree on Instagram and covered as such by various home living and health publications, the movement's main principle is that with fewer places to sit or lie down, people will be forced to be more active.

The movement isn't about being actually 100 percent free of furniture. It's more of an extension of minimalism. Many participants have foregone traditional furniture - replacing sofas with yoga mats, pillows, and rugs, and traditional beds with just mattresses. But chairs and low-to-the-ground tables are often retained.

Users of #furniturefree on Instagram are often health-minded.

A blogger, mom, and fan of the movement wrote:

“Getting rid of the couch really opened up our tiny living room,” wrote Brittany. “Immediately the ceilings seemed much higher and the space was much roomier. My kids loved all the extra space they had to run, jump, roll and crawl. I didn’t find myself as bothered by their rambunctious play because there was more room for it. I now had more room to do my own exercises without having to worry about hitting furniture or needing to move it away before starting.”

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