RICHARDSON, Texas - "To slap one of our Tankards in the hand of every man, woman, and child that wants to tilt one back and look MANNLY while doin it!"
That's the slogan of Texas-based Tipsy's Woodworking, a business specializing in Viking-style wooden tankards. The company recently expanded from a 7,000-square-foot warehouse to a 24,000-square-foot shop and facility in Richardson, Texas. 
From cutting planks, shaping pieces, sanding, staining, and shipping, the veteran-owned Tipsy's does everything itself on site. 
"This handsome hunk of a mug begins with the wood we cut here in our shop. Once we have our planks, we cut them down to staves, then circle ’em up to create the tankard body. We use a water-resistant glue, and seal both the inside and outside of the tankard to make sure it will hold your beer for years."
"No mass production or assembly lines here; it is all dedicated to giving our craftsmen the space and the tools they need to make the kind of high-quality pieces synonymous with old-fashioned American handiwork," its website reads.
The company has built quite a following on social media. On Instagram, products are showcased to the page's 25,000 followers. On YouTube, the company shows off its personality: "Wood sweat and beer! A creative channel of veterans making weird stuff out of wood."
Tipsy's also makes wavy American flags, and customs gifts for groomsmen, teachers, Father's Day, military recognition, and more.

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