Videos of Cabinet Hardware at AWFS Fair 2013
August 2, 2013 | 11:37 am CDT
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Photo By Blum

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Photo By Grass

LAS VEGAS - Another AWFS Fair is in the books and a lot of cool new products were shown, especially when it comes to cabinet hardware. Video tours of hardware manufacturers found innovative solutions.

Accuride's new electronic lock system for drawers is actually integrated into the slides. The only way to open the drawer is to use a key card. If someone tries to rip that thing open, it can be connected to home alarm systems or even a camera to catch the culprit.

Using its Aventos lift system with Servo Drive technology, Blum cuts out the need for a handle. With one tap, drawers can be opened. Then, the open drawer can be manually adjusted so that it can get out of your way.

According to Hafele, the biggest request by users of its LOOX LED cabinet lighting system was to reduce the visibility of diodes. With its new version of LOOX, diodes are concealed and in some models, they are eliminated altogether.

Grass further demonstrated its Tiomos Impresso concealed hinge system. Introduced earlier this year, Tiomos Impresso mounts in a free tool fashion and is available for frame and frameless hinge applications.

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