ARLINGTON, Texas -- Ultrapan Modern Finishes, a new collection of durable, eco-friendly polymer laminated panels, will get their first public showing at booth #407 of the Cabinets & Closets Expo, co-located with Wood Pro Expo Texas, March 12-13 at the Arlington Convention Center.

Ultrapan utilizes cutting-edge technology to produce panels that are scratch-, stain- and UV-resistant, and easy to maintain. Available in both high-gloss and super matte, these panels are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and recyclable, according to Ultrapan. They can be used in a wide range of environments, including: kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, wall paneling, office cabinets, home furniture, custom closets, store fixtures and displays, and more.

The Ultrapan collection features more than 40 colors and includes:

Ultra-X Hard Coated Acrylic (ABS PMMA), a mirror-like, high-gloss surface that Ultrapan says has the highest scratch and abrasion resistance in the acrylic high-gloss furniture film category. The surface is suitable for food and easy to clean. Scratch-resistant lacquered high-gloss and super matte acrylic surface combined with a PUR adhesive bond layer make it water-resistant.

Ultra-X Hard Coated Acrylic (HCA) is best suited for commercial fixtures in retail and hospitality environments, offering impact, abrasion and stain resistance.

View all colors. Greystone Ultra Matte Royal Blue Ivory Metallic Elm

Ultra-Gloss HCP (hard-coated polyethylene terephthalate or PET) is the ideal surface solution for furniture, closets, multi-family or any ultra-modern interior, Ultrapan says. Ultrapan's hard-coated PET (HCP) surface achieves the scratch, stain and chemical resistance of Ultra-X HCA surfaces. Only Ultra-Gloss or Ultra-Matte HCP can be miter folded or post-formed.

Ultra-Panels are produced using Ultra-Bond technology, which combines fast-curing, strong PUR hot melt adhesives with the customer's choice of substrate to provide maximum flexibility. Panels are available from 4x8 to 4x10 in thicknesses ranging from ¼" to 1". While MDF is typically used, fire-rated, plywood, moisture-resistant, polymer and other core materials are available. Front and back finishes can be as unique as the panel thickness and core type. Ultra-Bond gloss and matte production facilities are located throughout North America to service cabinet and furniture manufactures anywhere in the United States and Canada.

Ultra Edge edgebanding tapes are produced from the same acrylic used for surfaces for a perfect match. The large collection of edges offers matches for all Ultra Gloss, Matte and Wood in ¾" width with other sizes available by special order.

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