RAYMOND, Maine - After two college friends lost their jobs last month because of the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to try something they've always wanted to do: Starting their own woodshop.
Ryan Cathcart and Reece Teixeira formed Orion Woodshop, a business specializing in custom handcrafted wood products. They've made tables, cutting boards, custom cornhole boards, wooden bookmarks, and more.
In an interview with WMTV 8 local news, the duo said the money they make from selling bookmarks (their biggest seller) is going toward a Maine hunger charity.
Cathcart says the business took off much faster than expected. Both have prior experience - Cathcart in small business management and Teixera in carpentry and roofing. This is their first venture into professional woodworking.
Check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/orionwoodshop/

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