Trump to add $1.75 million in fine furniture to White House
October 26, 2017 | 1:58 pm CDT
WASHINGTON - President Trump and his administration will spend $1.75 million on new furniture and decorations for the Oval Office, executive office spaces, and possibly the residential mansion according to government records and NBC News.
NBC reported that the administration contracted a Virginia-based office furniture dealer to supply "wood office furniture" for $240,000. It will also spend $25,000 on casegood furniture, $29,000 on upholstered household furniture, $10,000 on floor coverings from a home furnishing merchant wholesaler, and $12,800 on a custom conference table from Kittinger Furniture, the same company who built a table for President Nixon in 1969. $17,000 custom rugs, $7,000 furniture pedestals, and $5,000 in wallpaper were also listed.
Around $290,000 will go to new furniture for federal employees working in buildings around the White House, such as the National Security Council and the Office of Management and Budget.
Many of the larger contracts were signed in late August. Several others were finalized at the end of September, just before the new fiscal year started on October 1.
Renovations are commonplace at the White House right now. A team of over 200 workers worked 17 days in August to renovate the West Wing and the House's exterior. Teams from multiple agencies replaced the 27-year-old HVAC system, flooring, woodwork and paint, and made other infrastructural updates.
Trump was personally involved with the renovation, including selecting new wallpaper for the Oval Office.


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