PLYMOUTH, Mich. – Trotec has announced the opening of its new regional service and support center in the Seattle area. Scheduled to open in the fourth quarter, the new location will be equipped with lasers, materials and accessories to be used for laser demonstrations, educational workshops, and materials

The new office will be used to support educational workshops designed to provide training on laser technology and promote an understanding of how lasers can add value to a business.

The new service and support center will house high-speed lasers from the company's Speedy flatbed product line, laser cutting systems from its SP laser
series, and select laser marking equipment. Laser systems will be outfitted with a variety of options and accessories, such as a rotary attachment for engraving round and cylindrical items, vision registration software for creating precision cuts and engraving.

Other regional sales and support centers are located Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan (U.S. headquarters), North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, and Virginia.
Four additional distribution centers, located in New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois and California, are dedicated to the company's broad line of laserable and engraving materials. See

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