CONNELLY SPRINGS, NC - A wood-panelized home construction firm, Timber Block USA, says it is opening additional U.S. dealerships as it tops out existing capacity. Timber Block, founded 10 years ago in Montreal, formally entered the United States a few years ago when it opened its first corporate model home. 
Timber Block provides home owners with state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible technology while using modern building methods featuring a patented panelized building system, reported at Woodworking Network two years ago. 


Timber Block Panelized Logs

Prefabricated log components allow for faster building and more insulated homes

Timber Block says it grew even during the residential housing collapse due to advantages in the home building industry, particularly in the wood, contemporary wood, and log home environment.

"Constantly evolving building codes related to increased energy efficiency mean many log home companies are struggling to meet the insulation values required of them," says Timber Block USA President Craig Johnson. Timber Block homes have R-30 walls & R-40 roof insulation,  standard in every home. In early 2015, an R-36 wall insulation option was launched to satisfy the demand for an even more robust insulation and structural option.

While being a general contractor is not a requirement for a dealership, Johnson says. "We currently have multiple sold projects to match up to the right general contractors in multiple U.S. locations."
Timber Block is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, Buildings Systems Council and US Green Building Council. SOURCE Timber Block Panelized Wood Homes

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