Southern Cypress' video highlights versatile wood species
September 4, 2018 | 5:00 pm CDT
PITTSBURGH - The Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association (SCMA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cypress building products, has debuted a new video, titled Discovering Southern Cypress: The Natural Choice.
“The association came together to produce this video as an educational tool to promote how cypress is being used in today’s homes and offices," says Mark Tuck, SCMA president. “Wood has been an essential building material for centuries; it’s stood the test of time. And even as design trends change over the years, cypress is proving to be a complementary fit in any architectural style and in creative ways—indoors and out.”
Cypress trees are a sustainable species native to a 13-state region in Southeast U.S. Ideal for areas subject to high heat and humidity, the wood from the cypress is dense and dimensionally stable providing material that is less prone to warping and shrinking.
Making it ideal for outdoor applications, cypress hardwood produces a resin called cypressene which acts as a preservative making cypress-made products naturally resistant to decay, chemical corrosion, and insects.
With a variety of visual grains, the natural look of cypress is light in color and features a yellow, honey-like tone, but it can also feature red, chocolate, and olive hues. The wood could also be painted or stained.
Available above and on YouTube and Vimeo, the short video takes viewers on a visual journey to explore how cypress’ breathtaking beauty, exceptional durability, and unique versatility can be used to enhance homes and offices from the coast to the mountains and everywhere in between.

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