BIARRITZ, France – George Woodman of George Woodman Garage acknowledges that he probably overdid it in retrofitting a Yamaha XSR700 motorcycle with a full fairing made of carved beech wood.

To keep the wood stable, Woodman applied an overlay of fiberglass saturated with resin, similar to the process used in the manufacture of surfboards.

“To shape the wood parts, I did all by hand with mostly a grinder with sanding discs,” Woodman, a furniture maker, interior designer and carpenter, wrote on his website. “It was a mad work to do and I cannot say how many hours I've spent on it but I can say with no doubt that it is the first and the last full fairing that you will be able to see ;).” 

The makeover of the Yamaha XSR700, which he dubbed “Hommage,”  is the latest in a series of motorcycle transformations Woodman has undertaken using wood. Hence the slogan, “Ride against the grain.”

Woodman ended his post about Hommage by noting, “This bike is actually for sale.”

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