Frank and Oak, a clothing retailer that prides itself on sustainability, looked to make eco-responsible choices when renovating its Montreal corporate headquarters.

The company worked closely with Imperatori Design, an architectural firm based in Montreal, to strike a balance between maintaining the atmosphere of the original workspace and improving the quality of life for its employees.

Imperatori’s design includes a main entrance and its adjacent showroom that introduces two zones. One is focused on social gatherings and the other zone - more quiet and relaxed - leads to the workspaces. Included is the creative workshop where designers are surrounded by textiles, sketches, and samples.

De Gaspé, a local custom woodwork firm that has made sustainability a core value, played an instrumental role in the final results. The company executed the custom millwork and built-in cabinetry and bookshelves mostly using Russian plywood.

The quality of their millwork is impeccable and they are masterful with millwork that integrates metal and wood,” says Chantal Ladrie, senior designer of Imperatori Design. “More importantly they are a local workshop and their work is very representative to the Montreal vibe in terms of design.”

Frank and Oak turned to office furniture manufacturer Teknion of Toronto for seating, tables, desks and workstations. Frank and Oak's re-done space also includes Teknion privacy rooms.

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