COUNTRY CLUB HILLS, Ill. - As we all know, students around the country are learning at home thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learning from home may have its benefits. It's certainly more laid back and less stress inducing. But it also has its downsides of course, as it may be too relaxed.
So relaxed says Hillcrest High School industrial tech teacher Marty Coyle, that many students don't even leave their beds in the morning. 
“When I saw some of the kids on camera, I was looking at their ceilings in the background,” Coyle told the Chicago Tribune. “I would ask them where they were working and they would say ‘oh, I’m working in my bed right now.’"
So what did Coyle do? He built his students desks.
"Turns out lots of students do not have desks to work at during E-Learning.....So I figured I might as well build some," Coyle posted to Facebook early last week, along with pictures of the desks.

The post brought in lots of attention - currently sitting at more than a thousand shares and 300 comments. Many of the comments expressed interest in getting a desk. Other commenters want to help Coyle make them or get them to students.
Since the post, the Tribune reports he has become a "local celebrity" - doing both a TV and radio interview. He first built five 37-inch desks. Then another batch of seven.
The desks look pretty good for Coyle, who says he's "no carpenter" and has never made a desk before. He says he watched multiple tutorials to learn.
He's currently overwhelmed with requests coming in from all around the country. He can't fill them all, so he's considering recording a desk-making tutorial for YouTube.

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