ATLANTA - On Thursday October 25, Bloomberg Live will present The Future of Manufacturing: The New Education Era in Atlanta. This briefing event will convene senior leaders across manufacturing, business, and technology to network and examine how the digital enterprise is advancing manufacturing jobs and the approach companies are taking to address the challenges of digital transformation.

During the event, Giuseppe Riva, CEO of SCM Group North America, will join a panel of thought leaders for an interview, The Smart Industrial Era: Rethinking the Business of Manufacturing. As an early adopter of companies utilizing augmented reality technology in the manufacturing industry, SCM Group is in a unique position to enlighten peer executives in on how manufacturing and engineering is being redefined with advanced technologies and how they are thinking about mergers and acquisitions to keep up with digitization of manufacturing in America.

The program is a collaborative effort among Bloomberg's platforms offering SCM North America, the only participating company in the woodworking industry, the opportunity to share their message with a global audience of influencers. Bloomberg news reporters will also be at the event covering the program for, where it will also be livestreamed. The event is on-the-record and open to external press. Join the Bloomberg Live Stream Thursday, October 25 at 9:30 a.m.:

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