WASHINGTON, D.C.SD3, SawStop's corporate parent, won U.S. Supreme Court support in its continuing antitrust lawsuit against Black & Decker, Robert Bosch Tool, Makita U.S.A. SD3 accuses the saw makers of boycotting its table saw safety technology.
Separately, SawStop is suing to block Bosch from selling its Reaxx saw, which incorporates a flesh-sensing safety trigger to brake the blade. 


SawStop says it will win patent suit against Bosch

SawStop LLC has expressed confidence that the company will win its legal action to block Bosch from selling its Reaxx table saw in the U.S. 

The Supreme Court action, issued in a flurry of other legal determinations June 20, allowed a lower court's ruling to stand, permitting SawStop to sue the group. All are members of the Power Tool Institute, which advocates against efforts to require SawStop's flesh-sensing blade brake technology on saws. 

SawStop parent SD3 originally filed its case in February 2014. Based on public documents filed in the Supreme Court case, legal blog Law360 reports that its adversaries filed a petition with the Supreme Court on Jan. 27, asking it to reverse a Fourth Circuit panel's decision in September that support SawStop's claims. 

SawStop braking mechanism
SawStop says the manufacturers violated federal antitrust law by colluding through the Power Tool Institute. That suit also says the group tried to get Underwriters Laboratories not to include SawStop technology in its safety standards. Other defendants in the case brought by SawStop include Hitachi Koki USA Ltd., Milwaukee Tool, One World Technologies Inc., Ryobi, Techtronic Industries and Pentair Inc.

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