San Group’s new partnership turns waste wood into value-added products
February 1, 2022 | 4:13 pm CST

LANGLEY, B.C. -- San Group has partnered with Seaton Forest Products of Smithers to turn waste wood into value-added lumber projects.

San Group—which operates mills and remanufacturing plants in Port Alberni and on the mainland—allows San Group to process waste wood from Seaton into commodity-grade lumber products.

“Over the past few years, San Group has invested heavily into the BC value-added wood products sector,” said Kamal Sanghera, CEO of San Group. “We have constructed one of North America’s largest value-added wood product manufacturing facilities on Vancouver Island. We went against the grain. People wondered why we would build such a plant in Port Alberni. To us it was simple, value-added manufacturing saves the environment and creates jobs. Let’s start with that and the rest will follow.” 

The San Group takes these cants and turns them into value-added wood products—such as tables, molding, chairs, and door frames. Sanghera said the company has been investing over the past few years into British Columbia’s value-added wood products sector—which saves the environment and creates jobs, said Sanghera.

According to the company, the utilization of fiber plays an increasingly critical role in every aspect of the forest business. San Group recognized that it needed to accelerate the development of carbon-conscious ways to extend the life of the forests and ensure they remain on the leading edge of environmental steward shops. This san-Seaton agreement brings together dep skills in primary, secondary, and tertiary value-added wood products manufacturing.

San Group continues to expand, he said. The company is adding a second shift in its sawmill, and all of its Port Alberni plants are “in full swing,” said Sanghera.

Andy Thompson, manager of Seaton Forest Products, said in a press release that San Group is “breaking the mold” with their value-added wood products. 

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