SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Roseburg has announced additional refinements to its Commercial Organization overseen by senior vice president - chief commercial officer Ashlee Cribb.

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the company’s commercial structure will align to market channels. A pair of directors will lead each market channel, one from the sales team and another from a newly created strategic business management team, with the following leadership structure:

Industrial Distribution and OEM: Phil Pierot, sales director, and Tim Pruitt, business director.

Wholesale and Retail Distribution: Tom Wardach, sales director, and  Jim Buffington, business director.

Business directors are responsible for channel strategies that develop markets, generate demand and drive innovation. These leaders will collaborate with the sales directors and their teams to implement strategies and create value for our clients.

A Client Care team is being created in the supply chain and logistics team that, when fully developed, will focus on after-the-sale service to the client. Over time, this team will grow to provide a seamless client experience from order to delivery, leveraging new tools and

In addition to these changes, Mike McCollum has been named business director – international. In this role he will focus on identifying and growing global business for Roseburg across all segments.

Marketing director Dawn Garcia and Rick Whitmore, director of supply chain and logistics, will continue in their current leadership roles.

“This mix of roles allows us to be more effective in how we service our clients and move alongside them with products and services to help them grow,” Cribb said. “Our overriding goal as a commercial organization is to create value for our clients and make it easy to do business with Roseburg.

“As Roseburg increases our presence as a global player operating in mature markets, it is critical that we
accelerate our ability to develop demand and innovate with our products and services.”
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