LAS VEGAS - Pillar Machine, exhibiting here at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas, has also developed a way to take the show on the road: the Demo Drive.
The portable showroom is designed as a mobile shop for running demos in a woodworking company's parking lot. The trailer has its own power, compressed air and heating/air conditioning. All machines are under power and ready to make samples and test runs.
Pillar works with its dealers to schedule the Demo Drive, usually making several area visits. It arrives the night before and is readied the night before a demo, with the trailer ready to run in four minutes, says Pillar.   
The company generally brings four or five machines, including its H49 dowel inserter, its M45 miter machine, a 2S panel sizing machine, its HMJ haunching machine and the CMJ coping machine. as well as other equipment specified by dealers.

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