MEMPHIS - A Tennesse-based nonprofit is transforming a vacant Memphis cabinet shop into a community woodshop.
The Heights Community Development Corp. (CDC) hopes to provide local residents and youth with woodworking classes and the ability to create their own wood projects. The CDC says these skills are in high demand in the area. Classes should begin in May.
“It will create another space for people in the neighborhood,” CDC executive director Jared Myers told the Daily Memphian. “A space to work on projects they might not have space to work on at home, or use tools they might not be able to afford to purchase. It could also be an opportunity for entrepreneurship, to sell things they make, and for people to be able to work with their hands and learn new skills."
Midsouth Millworks, starting business in 1980, operated at the facility until 2012 when its owner died. The owner's wife sold the property and equipment to the Heights CDC last September, reported the Daily Memphian.
The Heights CDC doesn't just focus on woodworking skills. Its goal is to boost the quality of life for residents in the City Heights area of Memphis. It achieves this by creating jobs and opportunities for community members.

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