WMMA's Board of Directors voted to establish a WMMA Technology Committee at their meeting during the Woodworking Industry Conference. The objective of the committee is to focus on the development of technological advancements with emphasis on monitoring global developments. Key among its goals will be encouraging the working relationship with the WMMA/WMIA Joint Technology Committee and developing speakers and topic ideas for future WICs.

WMMA member companies that may be interested are encouraged to join the group at its first in-person meeting during the Fall Regional Meeting in Charlotte. That meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 13th from 3:15pm to 5:15pm. Or contact WMMA Headquarters for more information

Chairman of the new committee is Bob Barone. Committee members include Mark Chappell, Chris Hacker, Jeff Onsrud, Paul Roza, and Russ Suor.

To volunteer for the technology committee, [email protected]. Also see https://wmma.org/committees/technology.cfm.

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