SANTA ANA, Calif. - CNC Factory says its latest router technology, the XPR series, includes a patent pending robotic CNC innovation that the company says it has entered in the IWF 2016 Challengers Award program.
The robotics allow XPR-enabled models to complete jobs in record time, and XPRs, avaiable in Sidewinder or Viper versions, are also upgradeable as the business grows. 
 “A big challenge for companies prospecting a new CNC Machine purchase is the ability to adapt the machine to grow with their business,” says Chris Corrales, CNC Factory CEO. “Customers struggle to plan their current and future production growth with their machine investment and many times are overwhelmed with the right machine features to get with the budget at hand.”
Brett Campbell , one of the first users, from Campbell Creek Construction, Springville, Calfironia, has been operating a Sidewinder XPR CNC. "With the upgrade capabilities,   I see my production increasing 300 over the next year and wanted a CNC machine that could grow with us."
Scott Diton from Plastic Man "A fully loaded heavy weight machine under 50K with automatic unloader doubled our production.  While we unload material the XPR continues to cut material.  My guys are much safer and no more heavy lifting of cut parts off the machine."
The XPR CNC Machine is designed to grow at the same pace as the factory, to give business owners an evolutionary success. While on a large scale, the machine itself is giving the entire CNC technology industry space a wake-up-call and a forward-thinking approach to investing in CNC technology, to better serve business and enable machine planning, years ahead, with a robotic technology that comes with various “Plug and Play” upgrades, and introducing new safety enhancement innovations, too.
Some of the features and benefits of The XPR Series includes:
Auto material alignment on the working table
Robotic loading of material 
Robotic un-loading of cut material
Automatic material loading table
Automatic un-loading table with laser start and stop
Digital camera for Digitizing shapes in 2D and 3D
Drill blocks and additional axis’s
To learn more or make enquires about The XPR series send enquires to or call 714-581-5999.
Visit or see our new XPR video to see more product from the CNC Factory.
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