FREMONT, Calif. – Lockdowel’s new Pillar Machine HPLD–Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine will debut at the Hermance Expo in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, May 10 and 11.

The new machine is designed and manufactured in America to drill and insert Lockdowel’s Eclips 20mm barbed channel lock or H-Clip and 8mm steel spring pin, allowing panels to be fastened without glue, case-clamps or tools. It is designed to reduce assembly time.

The HPJ and HPLD interfaces directly to the primary CAD applications serving the panel processing industry. The new Pillar, HPLD-Eclips machine drills and inserts Lockdowel Eclips products 20mm barbed channel‐lock, 20mm barbed h‐clip, and 8mm steel spring pin.

The HPLD–Eclips CNC drill and insertion machine can be used for most panel materials including: MDF; melamine; PVC board; plywood; phenolic; StarBoard; HDPE and hard wood. 

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