MakersDream has launched Evo-One, a CNC mill designed for desktop use, but robust enough for commercial applications - including cutting hardwoods like oak or walnut. Using a Kickstarter campaign to fund it, the developers offer the device for €1499 (about $1635) including shipment, during the fundraising development phase. 

The young startup launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. The company has reached $38,000 of its goal of $65,000, with 31 days to go.

The developers, based in Venice, Italy, say Evo-One CNC can be used in commercial applications, but is simple enough to be operated by a hobbyist.


Giant 3D Printer Has Built In CNC

Thermwood launched a giant 3D printer that roughly produces the object, then refines the contours with a CNC router.


Its enclosure, which is made of plywood and acrylic in the model being presented at Kickstarter, provides significant noise reduction and contains the sawdust, allowing it to be used in any room without fear of dust.

Evo-One is a 3D and 2.5D milling machine. It can engrave, carve and cut very complex shapes with a micron precision on different types of materials like wood, plastic, metal and many others. Specifications include:

  • Touch plate for Auto zero.
  • Remote emergency stop.
  • The largest work area in its class 370x220x120h mm.
  • Work plate with drilling 25x25 mm.
  • More powerful spindle designed from scratch.
  • Spindle with brushless motor max 22000rpm and 480W.
  • Superior Mechanics with professional guides and rail
  • X Y Z axis with professional ballscrew.
  • Max feed rate 5m/min.
  • Open source software customized by MakerDreams.
  • 100% Italian design and manufacturing.
  • 24 months support

Learn more about the Evo-One CNC at

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