COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. –The National Woods Manufacturing Training Center held a second open house to show its first equipment and drew an even larger crowd.

The open house, hosted by Peyton and Widefield school districts, featured presentations by the schools and a first look at some of the new technology equipment that will be used. The event drew hundreds of students, parents and industry representatives.

Chris Harding said that the most recent open house event drew industry, parents and students to see some of the actual equipment that will be used in the new training center.

Harding is an instructor at the Woods Manufacturing at Peyton School District, Peyton, Colorado, and will be part of the new National Manufacturing Training Center.

Stiles Machinery Inc. has donated equipment and displayed a number of machines at the new training center, including a CNC machining center, advanced edgebander, boring and doweling machine, and Altendorf table saw.

An Ironwood jointer, upcut saw and thickness planer were also displayed.

The machines weren’t under power, but representatives described the equipment and parents who may have been skeptical about woodworking as a career were shown that students would be working with modern technology.

Harding said the physical presence of the equipment helped reinforce the message they’re trying to convey to both students and parents.

Also, Sherwin-Williams was in attendance at the event and has agreed to become a partner in the training center, donating materials and developing plans for a finishing center.

Harding said that this event drew a larger crowd than the open house in November, which only displayed the empty building to be used for the center.

Tim Kistler, superintendent of Peyton School District, and Dean Mattson, Peyton’s director of woods manufacturing, spoke at the event.

Classes are expected to open August 17, 2017. More details to come, including how your company can take part.

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