LOGAN, Utah - A new wood finish has been released by N-Hance Wood Renewal, a wood refinishing franchise that also services Home Depots, that the company says will transform cabinet and hardwood floor refinishing. Beginning February 2016, the new, antimicrobial finish, Lightspeed Plus anti-microbial Ultra Violet finish, will be incorporated into the firm's Lightspeed Instant-Cure system. 
The new anti-microbial finish will be offered at all company franchise locations and will be the new company standard. N-Hance Wood Renewal has more than 380 locations in the United States and Canada and is the trusted partner of the Home Depot, holding a presence in more than 1,550 locations across the nation.

The new Lightspeed Plus anti-microbial finish will keep homes safer and healthier after a home improvement project by reducing bacteria growth by 99 percent and effectively eliminating dangerous microbes such as E. Coli and Staph. The finish will be effective as long as it remains intact, as it is not water-soluble, and cannot be wiped-off with normal cleaning. 


In addition, by encapsulating the seams of the wood, the finished product is less likely to trap harmful germs and is easier to clean. The wood finish builds up the factory wear layer for added protection from foot traffic and other stains.
“The new anti-microbial wood finish is different than anything we have offered before because it allows us to give the customer a surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring a healthier home,” said Jesse Gibbs, Director of Product Development at N-Hance Wood Renewal. “Very few refinishers have adopted this groundbreaking technology and even fewer offer the product in an Instant-Cure method. We expect this state-of-the-art service to have a very positive impact on our customers and the industry.”
The Lightspeed Plus UV finish cures within minutes and is recommended for wooden surfaces. With matte, satin, semi-gloss and gloss finishes available, most jobs can be completed in as little as one day. The Lightspeed technology eliminates the hassle of dust, mess or odor and saves customers time and thousands of dollars compared to alternative refinishing and refacing methods.
“A major plus of the system is its long-term effects,” Gibbs said. “Not only are customers living in healthy homes for long durations of time but they’ll be saving money while doing so because they do not have to spend countless dollars on new refinishing projects.”
Based in Logan, Utah and founded in 2001, N-Hance Wood Renewal is the trusted partner of the Home Depot with a presence in more than 1,550 locations. Using a proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing technique that requires no sanding, N-Hance Wood Renewal restores the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, trims and cabinets at one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional re-facing or replacing of cabinets. The company’s powerful Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology shortens the refinishing process and produces less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods, making it ideal for homes and businesses. N-Hance Wood Renewal has more than 382 franchises across the United States and Canada and is backed by Harris Research, Inc., the same company that grew Chem-Dry into the world’s largest carpet cleaning company.  


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