Photo by Trex Outdoor Furniture, who donates to plant one tree for every furniture piece sold.
SILVER SPRING, Md. - Trees for the Future, which calls itself a regenerative agriculture nonprofit, says more than 300 businesses are teaming with it to help end hunger, poverty, and deforestation.
“The businesses we partner with are working hard to build sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and humane business models because they know that is what today’s consumer cares about,” says Trees for the Future Business Development Manager Caroline Kateeba. “It is inspiring to see such an increase in businesses who are using their profits to help people and the planet.”
Many of the partnering businesses are pledging to plant one, two, or even 20 trees with each purchase made.
“These businesses’ products make gift-giving that much more generous and heartfelt for the consumer and the recipient,” Kateeba says. “We are grateful that our partners are bringing awareness to the challenges humanity is facing as well as putting the solution and power in their customers’ hands.”
Here are some of the featured brands:
  • Jade Yoga plants one tree for every yoga mat sold. 1.6 million planted with Trees for the Future.
  • Eagle’s Nest Outfitters plants two trees for every ENO Hammock sold. 1.2 million trees planted with Trees for the Future.
  • Save Lands plants 12 trees for every shirt sold. 130,000 trees planted since joining Trees for the Future in 2019.
  • Tentree plants ten trees for every product sold. They’ve planted 4.5 million with Trees for the Future.
  • Timberland is planting 17 million trees with Trees for the Future over the next five years.
  • Oboz plants one tree for every pair of shoes sold as part of their One More Tree initiative. To date, they’ve planted 2.6 million trees.
  • Etnies launched Buy A Shoe, Plant A Tree in 2011. So far, they’ve planted 1.9 million trees with Trees for the Future.
  • Conscious Step socks are making a big difference in the world, their tree socks plant 20 trees. 279,000 trees planted so far.
  • Will & Bear plants ten trees for every hat they sell. They’ve planted 422,000 trees so far.
  • Munchkin’s Get a Pail, Give a Tree program plants one tree for every diaper pail sold. 461,000 planted so far.
  • Eminence Organic Skin Care plants one tree for every product sold. 13.5 million trees planted with Trees for the Future.
  • Popsockets’ Trees for the Future PopGrips are designed with unique artwork through their Poptivism program. Each Trees for the Future PopGrip sold plants 70 trees.105,000 trees planted so far.

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