With much of the work force working from home, not only in the short term, but potentially going forward as a result of social distancing measures, outfitting home offices with the tools to create a functional work space is more important than ever. Mockett offers an extensive line of architectural hardware including power and USB options, wire managers, grommets, table legs, and more to outfit new home office desks or retrofit into existing furniture. 
Only time will tell what the long term implications are of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent behavioral changes, but it seems pretty evident that we may return to our perceived normal through a different lens in managing a work life balance. Many have recognized and demonstrated that they are able to effectively perform their jobs remotely and may not need to return to the office full time as expected. Teleconferencing and joining or hosting online meetings and appointments may be the new normal over traditional in-person meetings, and that connectivity requires a work desk that can perform these basic capabilities. In other words, it’s time for people to get serious about their WFH desk setup. Having a professional and presentable work space that is strictly for work is an important step in creating trust with employers. 
Create a Comfortable Work Space
Your desk should provide a clean work surface that has ample room for your computer, phone, and note pads. Most desktops are about 1-1/2” thick and range from 48” up to 60” long by about 30” deep. These are just general guidelines that are subject to interpretation based on space constraints and custom needs. For tight spaces where there is simply not enough room for a traditional work desk, Mockett has work surface support brackets that can be mounted off a wall to create a work desk as an alternative solution. Otherwise, they have a large collection of fashionable table legs for every application. 
Power Your Furniture
Turn your ordinary desk into a professional work station with a little help from easy-to-install Power Grommets that put convenient power and USB charging options within reach on the surface. Power your laptop, cellphone, and other mobile or peripheral devices without having to rummage under the desk to find an open receptacle. Putting accessible power options where they are needed will increase efficiency and also prevents unwanted cables draped across the desktop causing interference with work flow and tripping hazards from stretching power cords to the closest wall outlets. 
Wire Management 
Your power connections are terminated at the surface level and your desktop is nice and clean, but now what? Take a look underneath your desk. You might have a new set of problems with loose cables drooping and hanging. Wire Managers will gang cables together and move them where they need to go without any unwanted clutter. Wire stays and wiremold raceways channel cables behind the desk, under the desk, or down a table leg. A clean work desk will do wonders in helping to maintain focus. It will also look much cleaner when engaging in video conferencing sessions to show you are operating in a professional environment and take pride in your work. It’s easier than it looks to get your cables under control. Mockett has hundreds of options for every desk, every application. 
Think Ergonomically
Remember, it’s your space – you don’t want to feel like a prisoner in your own home! Get comfortable. Invest in a comfortable chair. Add some soothing artwork or plants to liven up the room. Set up close to a window or other source of natural light. Invest in some good headphones or if nobody is around, get a Bluetooth speaker and play your favorite playlist. Let the soundtrack of your life power your work day. Consider upgrading with other desk accessories like monitor arms for added mobility, storage drawers for organizing your belongings, and sit stand desk platforms to mix up your work day. And now that you’re thinking of ways to outfit your home office, think about where else you can add more power and wire management in other rooms to make other areas of your home more functional and explore Mockett’s accessory line of hardware including Drawer Pulls, Handles and Knobs.  

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