MasterBrand Sales Surge Defies Lag in Housing, to Top Week's News

MasterBrand Cabinets sales surge defies a lagging housing sector, said to be $239 billion below where it should be. MasterBrand Cabinets parent Fortune Brands Home & Security says operating income from cabinetry rose 31 percent. Also high in viewership: a door hinge solution, the Redwood Kings TV show, and Long Horned Beetles. 

 Scott Wunder Barbie Blog Carpenter's Trick Helps Fix a Stubborn Wood Door
by Scott Wunder
As Redwood Kings Premieres, an Interview with its Woodshop Stars
by Matt Schumake
Asian Longhorned Beelte Foresters Battle Spread of Asian Long-Horned Beetle
By Alex Keown
Mistakes That Make Us Woodworkers: Bad Glue-ups Bond Craftsmen
by Ethan Abramson
Plus Closets Closet Systems Manufacturer Makes $2.5 Million Equipment Buy
by Matt Schumake

UCLA Must Replace Maple Basketball Court Following Flood
by Alex Keown
Multi-stage Finishing Leads Kohler Tailored Vanity Venture
by Bill Esler
Custom Kitchen Curves: Video by Brian Grabski
Work by Brian Grabski
Curly Cherry & Rosewood Jewelry Cabinet by West Creek Studio
by Matt Schumake
  MasterBrand Cabinet's Sales Jump 19%
by Alex Keown

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