TALLADEGA, Ala. - MasterBrand Cabinets reopened its manufacturing plant in Talledega, Alabama April 23. The facility was closed for two weeks after three of its employees there tested positive for COVID-19.
“As scheduled, we’re reopening our Talladega facility today," the company wrote in a statement. 
"We have gone beyond CDC guidelines to enhance the safety of this facility and our work practices, following stringent protocols to protect our employees. We continue to improve social distancing measures throughout our operations and strongly encourage all Talladega employees to wear company-provided face coverings throughout the work day.
"If at any point, our employees don’t feel they can safely come to work, we want them to talk with their supervisor about options we’ve put in place during this period that provide additional flexibility around time off and absences.”
MasterBrand closed the plant April 8 after it learned a third employee tested positive for the virus. The two-week suspension is recommended by the CDC.
Employees were furloughed for the two weeks, with MasterBrand continuing to pay their healthcare premiums.
In March, the same plant shut down for a day after an employee reported possible exposure. MasterBrand explains the safety measures it took after it resumed operations, including deep cleaning and workspace disinfection.

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