Louisiana Pacific completes conversion of plant to flagship product
May 19, 2022 | 7:18 pm CDT

HOULTON, Me. -- Louisiana Pacific has recently completed a major conversion project at its Houlton, Maine facility.

Nathan Whitney, the Houlton plant manager, Louisiana Pacific started converting the Houlton plant from manufacturing OSB to its flagship SmartSide siding products. Due to the demand for the building material, the plant will soon be hiring more workers.

“This facility before was running five days a week; with the changeover to LP SmartSide we’re going to be running a 24/7 operation, so it’s an increase in jobs. The other thing that we’re going to see, which is good news for local loggers, is we’re going to see a 30% increase in log usage and our logs come primarily from within 60 miles of the facility, so that’s good news for Southern Aroostook County,” Whitney said.

The first SmartSide product rolled off the line in mid April. 

Whitney said the Houlton plant is the first on the East Coast to manufacture the product for Louisiana Pacific.

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