La-Z-Boy employee tests positive for COVID; all who came in contact sent home
May 21, 2020 | 3:21 pm UTC
DAYTON, Tenn. - A worker at La-Z-Boy's furniture production facility in Dayton, Tennessee has tested positive for COVID-19, the company reports. 
Health protocols have been implemented at the plant since its reopening, including regular temperature checks and daily surveys. During one of those surveys, one employee reported not feeling well, company spokesperson Kathy Liebmann told local news. That employee was sent home to quarantine.
The company says any worker who came into contact with the employee will be sent home for at least 14 days.
Liebmann says the country's Infectious Disease Commission believes the infection occurred outside of the workplace. 
La-Z-Boy implemented major production halts soon after the virus swept through the country, laying off 6,800 employees - or 70 percent of its total workforce. It began reopening late April.

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