Komo Machine marks 50 years of CNC technology
March 22, 2016 | 3:20 pm CDT
Komo--50 years.jpg

Komo Machine Inc. is looking forward to 2016 being another growth year in sales and technology as they celebrate their 50th anniversary. CNC technology has progressed at a fast pace over the past five decades and Komo has contributed significantly to that innovation.

The company started in 1966 in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, when William Koska and George Molus – the “Ko” and “Mo” in Komo started the company. Both men were experienced machinists and engineers who began the operation as a general metalworking business, producing a variety of manual and automated production line machines for major manufacturers of consumer appliances.

In 1984, under new ownership, Komo introduced a line of CNC large bed and large travel machining centers for metalworkers that became the Vertical Machining Center product line. With a focus on growth and diversification, the company then expanded their customer base by introducing high-speed multi-axis CNC routers for the woodworking and plastics sectors of the market.

Since 1999, Komo has been a subsidiary of the well-known multi-national corporation PMC Global, Inc.  Komo relocated to Lakewood, New Jersey, in the fall of 2009 and continues to expand its operation there.

“This 50-year anniversary milestone is an achievement for which we are very proud and excited to be celebrating this year,” said president of Komo, Mike Kolibas. “My sincere thanks to all our customers who have selected Komo as your partner and who have purchased our products and services throughout the years.  We are grateful for your business and promise to continue to provide the superior quality, excellent service and technical innovation that you’ve come to expect from Komo.”

All of Komo’s products are manufactured in the United States and are designed and supported by a highly skilled team of individuals. Komo has produced more than 3,000 CNC machines for the United States and serves international markets throughout the world with an extensive list of satisfied customers. See www.komo.com.

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