King Plastic and Gelest Announce Exclusive License Agreement

NORTH PORT, FL - A new license agreement with Gelest, Inc. gives King Plastic Corporation exclusive use of Biosafe® antimicrobial additive in polyolefin sheet stock, enabling the company to offer products that retain all of their antimicrobial effectiveness even after fabricating or extensive wear.

Gelest, Inc. manufactures and markets the silicon-based Biosafe® active ingredient. King Plastic has a significant share of the market for polyolefin sheet stock, and under the new license agreement the company will make a growing number of its brands available as an upgrade called King Microshield® protected with Biosafe technology.

Today’s healthcare facilities, commercial laboratories, veterinary facilities and food processing companies will discover new ways to improve the design of their facilities while keeping surfaces and case goods free of contamination by specifying King Microshield® protected with Biosafe, noted Michael Fabbri, national sales manager for King Plastic

“The antimicrobial additive is bonded at the molecular level at the very beginning of our proprietary K-Stran™ production process, keeping it from ever leaching out of the product,” said Mr. Fabbri “This permanently protects the polymer sheet, which means the antimicrobial agent retains its effectiveness throughout the life of the product. When customers fabricate and install our products, the fresh surfaces they create are fully antimicrobial. If heavy abrasion occurs during end use, the antimicrobial additive will never lose its efficacy, unlike antimicrobial surface coatings.”

Biosafe technology provides a more economical alternative to silver-based antimicrobials and avoids problems associated with triclosan, according to Donald J. Wagner II, Gelest’s technical marketing manager. “Biosafe eliminates the safety issues of leaching antimicrobials,” said Mr. Wagner. “And while silver and triclosan compounds alter the DNA of microorganisms, posing the possibility of antimicrobial-resistant mutations, Biosafe is not metabolized by the cell.”


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