Just Moulding: Why It Went Out of Business

GAITHERSBURG, MD -- Just Moulding Franchising, a promising woodworking business start-up,  has closed operations. Its speciality, installing decorative wood mouldings in home interiors, was

viewed as an unnessary luxury during the downturn, said CEO Richard Hayman in a New York Times interview.

"It was crown mouding, not a furnace or a roof," Hayman said.

Headquartered in Maryland, Just Moulding had franchise locations in Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, and Boston, MA.

Founded by Kevin Wales and Mark Rubin in 2007, Just Moulding installed ceiling crown moulding to dress up plain vanilla style home interiors. Just Moulding developed proprietary systems for taking precise measurements and cutting. The goal was to create a fool-proof system for installers to cut and place wood mouldings and decorative wood ceiling beams quickly and accurately, accounting for the fact that no walls and ceilings rarely meet at a perfect 90 degree angle in all three planes.

Funded by $700,000 from investors, Just Moulding managed to sell three franchises on the East Coast before Hayman took over in 2010. In 2010 it acquired Wales Woods as a hub workshop producing custom designed interior architectural mouldings such as crown, chair rail and wainscoting, for both commerical and residential customers.



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