Joint woodworking effort makes beds for special kids
January 16, 2019 | 2:36 pm CST

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Joinery has partnered with the Bella Fund, and their founder Kristy Kilfoil over the years to create special beds for children with special needs.

Collins donated FSC cherry, and Columbia Forest Products donated the hardwood plywood. The Joinery designed and made the beds in their Portland shop.

According to Cassandra Jackson, The Joinery has built 17 beds for the Bella Fund over the years and is looking to figure out ways to cut costs to help provide more beds for children in need.

“The way the process currently works is that the Bella Fund is referred by local Children’s Hospitals to parents with children who could benefit from this type of bed,” she said. “Then if the parents are not able to afford one of these beds, the Bella Fund looks to find ways to raise funds to help supply parents with these beds.”

The Joinery discounts the bed significantly but unfortunately they are still fairly expensive. So they are working with local companies such as Collins to help build them. For each bed they use two sheets of ½-inch cherry ply.

“We are really excited about the work we are putting towards the Bella Fund,” Jackson said. “Both Collins and Columbia Forest Products have been very generous in donating solid material and ply for the next four beds. We actually just finished a bed for a special boy named Juno and got these photos from him mom. Both Juno and his parents can sleep well at night knowing he is safe."

While this bed was not made with the donated material, the next four will.

The Bella Fund strives to help all children with special needs living in Oregon and Washington who require a safety bed to sleep safely at night due to various reasons.

Insurance companies offer hospital beds for the child to use in their homes, which is not a solution for most special needs children who require more protection. The Joinery in makes each bed for The Bella Fund. See

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