VIKEN, Sweden -- Japanese furniture retailer Nitori Co., Ltd. has launched a new range of products featuring Threespine click furniture technology from Välinge. With the implementation of Threespine, Nitori is addressing changing market needs as well as the challenges with conventional flat pack furniture. 

With approximately 3 million global deliveries per year and more than 540 stores worldwide, Nitori is among the top furniture retailers in the world. One of the company’s main goals is to provide products that make consumers’ lives more convenient and comfortable.

“When I first came across Threespine I was completely blown away,” said Noriyasu Yamamoto, manager of Nitori Product Development Laboratory. “I realized that the technology could significantly reduce the inconvenience and dissatisfaction some of our customers had experienced with conventional flat pack furniture. We expect that our range of furniture with Threespine will enrich many customers’ lives.”

Nitori provides ready-to-assemble furniture: products delivered as flat packages and later assembled by the end-consumer. The global RTA furniture segment continues to show strong growth, partly because of its suitability for e-commerce, and the need for fast, easy and reliable assembly methods will become increasingly important. 

“Recent market developments have required companies to focus more on assembly. Time is one aspect, but equally important is the entire experience for the consumer. For that reason we are particularly happy that Nitori recognized Threespine as the best solution to face these challenges,” says Valinge CEO Niclas Hakansson.

The new product range from Nitori named N-Click will initially consist of a storage unit, a shelf system and a chest of drawers. For the production of the furniture, Nitori will use new profiling lines from Homag: machinery that also secures production capacity for future potential mass volumes. See

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