IWF Announces Challengers Award Winners
ATLANTA -- Seven companies were recognized Wednesday, Aug. 23, as winners of the Challengers Distinguished Achievement Awards for technology innovation at the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair-USA.

The winners, in alphabetical order by company were:
* Biesse Skipper CNC machining center
Biesse says the Skipper 100 is a flexible machine that processes panels of different dimensions, even in succession, without downtime. There is no need to regulate the worktable and there are no suction cups located on the machine, the locking of the panels of small dimensions is immediate and the grip is secure. Two powerful operating units, moveable in the "Z" direction, carry out all the workings in a single passage.

* Dubois Equipment Co. Inc.
3-D UV oven
The Dubois 3-D UV Oven provides both even dosage and peak intensity across the full width of the conveyor belt on all of the product's surfaces. The oven focuses the UV light evenly on the top and edges for more efficient curing. This design provides for lower coating cost, lower energy consumption, improved coating performance and elimination of safety issues due to uncured edges.

* ETemplate Systems, a division of Tri-Tech Solutions Inc.
Digital measuring system
* ETemplate Photo utilizes digital photography as its measurement medium. It uses the proven methodology of triangulation (used by GPS systems and laser-guided missiles) to accurately measure construction spaces. The dimensional data collected by ETemplate is directly compatible with all CAD and CAM systems using the industry standard geometry file format DXF. The finished CAD is fully CNC compatible and can also be printed, plotted, or cut out as a full-size template.

* Holz-Her U.S. Inc.
Kundig Brilliant (oblique) sanding unit
Kundig's patented Brilliant sanding unit pivots the sanding head from a conventional position of 90° to the conveyor to an oblique angle to the conveyor. As the attack angle of the abrasive belt is changed to an angle to the conveyor direction instead of sanding parallel to the conveyor direction, the belt cuts with less resistance and produces a flatter finish. Holz-Her says Brilliant can be used in applications including veneer, solid wood and lacquer or sealer sanding with no effect in accuracy or additional wear to the sander.

* Navy Island Plywood Inc.
Grading standards
Navy Island Plywood has developed a non-subjective grading system for grading wood veneers. It is based on a cumulative numbering system that takes into consideration absolute standards for grain structure, grain contrast, color variation, overall color, figure intensity and over 50 other characteristics. Each characteristic is assigned a value that is deducted from a "perfect" score of 100. Its new standards book displays wood characteristics and shows examples of every grade of plywood from 10-100.

* Stiles Machinery Inc.
Climate Technologies Corp. Fumes-to-Fuel VOC Abatement with a payback
Stiles Machinery Inc. is marketing a new VOC abatement system called Fumes-to-Fuel. From Climate Technologies Corp., it converts Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into electrical energy to provide a significant energy. Compared to traditional VOC abatement methods, the Fumes-To-Fuel system reduces annual thermal energy consumption for VOC abatement by up to 80 percent, VOC emissions by as much as 50 percent and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions by up to 90 percent.

* Weinig Group
Valu-Vision is a gang ripsaw-optimizing scanner that fits a niche between fully automated rip scan systems and width measurement systems used today. With Valu-Vision, the boards are scanned and rip and crosscut solutions as well as defects are displayed directly on the board using a laser projector. Overrides can be made directly on the board using a light wand providing increased productivity and accuracy. The system supports fixed and moving blade ripsaws.


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