ITW consolidates finishing brands
August 15, 2011 | 10:41 pm CDT
Graco to pay $650 M for ITW finishing

ITW has announced the integration of its Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg and BGK brands into one new operating unit, ITW Finishing Equipment Americas. The company said consolidation will take advantage of the synergies between the four groups, all of which are involved in developing and manufacturing equipment for the finishing industry.

“A complete finishing system might include Ransburg electrostatic guns, Binks fluid management controls and a BGK infrared oven curing stations," said Tom White, VP and GM of ITW Finishing Equipment Americas in a statement. "It only makes sense to pull those ITW assets together under one banner and offer customers a totally integrated and compatible system that works together for maximum efficiency.”

Prior to this operations change, the four companies operated and sold their equipment independent of one another. “Each was a separate unit, with separate sales representatives selling through separate distribution channels. With the integration of these entities we’ll be able to leverage cost efficiencies while enhancing service levels and improving technical sales support,” White said in a release.

Each of the individual brands, Binks, DeVilbiss, Ransburg and BGK,  represents a specific area of finishing expertise:

Binks: spray guns, accessories, high and low pressure material handling pumps, pressure tanks and paint circulating systems.

DeVilbiss: spray guns and is considered the inventor of the atomization process.

BGK: Infrared curing systems for liquid and powder finishing, as well as material  handling systems.

Ransburg:  liquid electrostatic painting and related electronic fluid handling equipment. Harold Ransburg was the inventor of the electrostatic process.

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