MIAMI - Granite Transformations, a remodeling franchise based on a proprietary resurfacing process, says it is offering more franchises in North America. 
Founded in Italy and operating in eight countries -  Italy, Brazil and India, as well as the U.K., U.S. and Australia - on four continents, Granite Transformations says it has more than 150 franchise locations worldwide, including 74 in North America. The uptick in the home improvement market adds inducements to buying a franchise, according to Andrea Di Giuseppe, International CEO of the firm.
"Customers are looking to spend wisely and make a smart investment," says Giuseppe. "They want the most attractive, quality, sustainable product, which is exactly what we offer coupled with the fastest install process available to immediately increase home value."
Guiseppe says Granite Transformations takes the centuries-old Italian heritage in stone and converts it into an entrepreneurial business, based on resurfacing cabinetry with a premium surface design solution without demolishing kitchen and bath cabinets.


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An exclusive selection of lifetime-warranted granite, recycled glass and quartz countertops and mosaic tiles are installed "over-the-top." The company's unique resurfacing process involves fitting countertops directly over existing ones virtually eliminating the need for demolition, shortening a project timeline and easing the stress and mess of typical home renovations. Franchises service both homeowners and commercial businesses. With no demolition, installation can be completed much faster – in as little as one day in many cases, says Guiseppe.

Andrea Di Guiseppe
The franchise originated in Europe, where Giuseppe serves as chairman and global CEO for sister firms Rocksolid Granit and Trend Group. He oversees worldwide operations by splitting time between Miami - the North American base - and headquarters in Vicensa, Italy. Guiseppe says his family ran a tile business, and his early days with Bisazza, give him the expertise to direct the factory, guide product development, and direct Trend’s sales and product mix as well as Trend Transformations growth and development.  
Trend Transformations started with the creation of strong, durable tile then developed a green methodology and advanced production system to expand and create an array of products. Today, it manufactures glass mosaic, engineered stone and much more. Its proprietary engineered stone uses over 31 different agglomerates, many of them recycled.

Giusseppe says homeowners are choosing to renovate the key areas of their homes – kitchens and bathrooms – rather than build or buy new, and they recognize the long-term investment value. Franchises in the U.S. get a residential territory that consists of an area containing a population of at least 100,000 residential housing units (comprised of a group of contiguous zip codes) up to a maximum of 300,000 housing units. Residential designated territory is exclusive and protected even in case of single-unit and multi-unit expansions within it. 

A profile of a franchise in Ottawa, Canada - Robert Viellieux - says his total revenue for mosaics in 2014 topped $55,000 – with sales averaging approximately 30 percent from bathroom renovations and the rest from kitchen backsplashes, countertops and flooring. His best-selling mosaics are from the Liberty, Metropolis and Subway collections and his top-selling countertop colors are Royal Ivory, Perla di Modena and Nero Stella.

“We offer our customers the option to choose from the broad range of mosaic tile options to make their countertops and other surfaces even more beautiful,” said Villieux. “We are proud of each job we create,” he says, noting 25-30 percent of his business comes from referrals.

"From the very beginning, Granite Transformations has stayed true to its artistic tradition, respect for natural resources and commitment to innovation, and the company is committed to the continuing expansion, growth and success of our franchise system."

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