COLOGNE, Germany - As a source of inspiration for the design of the living spaces of tomorrow, interzum 2019 will present innovative products along with technical and material innovations. The diversity of products on show makes it the world's leading trade fair for furniture production and interiors.
Set to take place from May 21 to 24 in Cologne, Germany, interzum 2019 will offer a range of exhibitions that explore global trends such as individualization, living in small spaces, and mobility and digitalization.
Photo: Koelnmesse
With international exhibitors from the furniture supply industry and interior construction, interzum covers the whole spectrum of the global market. With the more than 1,800 exhibitors expected for the 2019 edition, the trade fair will continue to grow, and will adapt a new hall allocation for improved structure.
Interzum 2019 will present a range of new materials and applications, with which designers and architects can learn first-hand about new developments in the materials industry. With high-tech or digitally printed surfaces, natural veneers, and composite materials made of renewable raw materials, the spectrum of innovations presented at the trade fair is said to be the most extensive worldwide.
Putting the spotlight on digital printing for individualization, interzum 2019 will offer a demonstration on potential uses that range from the design concept to the finished product. The demonstration will include the entire process from the choice of decoration and its transfer into the computer programs to the actual printing stage and the subsequent finishing step. This is to show visitors how digital printing technology can be integrated into furniture production and interior design.
“Digital printing gives furniture manufacturers, architects and interior designers the ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customers’ needs,” says Dr. Anke Pankoke, an exhibitor at interzum 2019. “[The] decision to explain the individual steps that are necessary to successfully integrate digital printing into furniture production and interior design is extremely helpful for companies – and it’s allowing us to reach out to new customer groups.”
Since lifestyles are becoming more diverse, individualized, mobile, and connected, living and working environments require a transformation in their furnishings. With digital technologies being incorporated into everyday life, interzum exhibitors will provide exclusive insights into trends that will shape the future of living and work spaces.
In addition, with small-space living becoming an increasingly important trend, product innovations from the fields of materials and surfaces, textiles, furniture components, and lights and lighting systems play a particularly important role. The spectrum of topics connected in this way includes new function processes in the home, lightweight construction solutions for mobile and immobile spaces, and smart interior concepts.
Photo: Koelnmesse
Expanding its offering with an innovation hub spread across three halls, the trade fair will present pioneering innovations in three segments: “Materials and Nature,” “Function and Components,” and “Textile and Machinery.”
In the Textile and Machinery section, the subject of the production of machinery and components for mattress manufacturing is expanding out of Hall 9 into Hall 10.1. Underlying the important, thematic function played by Hall 10.1, this development of a traditional segment at interzum is complemented by the theme of upholstery materials and textiles for furniture and mattress production. The concept is topped off by the cutting and sewing areas in Hall 10.1.
With this new clustering, organizers say the Textile and Machinery themed area is growing even more closely together. Visitors to the trade fair can look forward to an optimal structure, designed to give a quick and compact overview of the trends and new developments in the Textile and Machinery segment.
Photo: Koelnmesse / Salice
“Today, success is the result of innovative ideas. With the new concept, we’re boosting the trade fair’s function to offer orientation and transparency,” says Matthias Pollmann, Koelnmesse’s vice president of trade fair management. “Hall 10.1 now constitutes the perfect link between high-performance materials and sophisticated technologies and machinery.”
In addition, adhesives, which have always played an integral role in the manufacture of furniture, will be prominently featured with the Textile and Machinery segment. With the current furnishing trends, manufacturers and customers have increased expectations for quality furniture and seamless living, so selecting a reliable adhesive is important.
Also, as a special exhibition curated by Katrin de Louw, interior designer and trend expert, the “Surfaces & Wood Design” piazza at interzum 2019 will present product solutions for interior architecture and the furniture design of tomorrow relating to the topic of surfaces.
Photo: Koelnmesse/Greenlam
Louw’s aim is to allow visitors to experience the manufacturers’ latest developments first-hand, so she has developed the area’s experience character by using steel reinforcement mesh to stage the exhibits with a cool and casual look. Around large tables, visitors can experience and touch samples and prototypes and gain concentrated insight into the range of possibilities that carrier materials and surfaces can offer customers.
In addition to wood and wood materials, the special exhibition will also present related product groups such as furniture handles or upholstery and decor fabrics. In comparison with interzum 2017, the special event is significantly larger in area as the lecture area has been relocated to the new “Speaker’s Corner” in hall 04.2.
"The piazzas have considerable significance in the overall composition of interzum," says Maik Fischer, interzum director. "Visitors can acquire an overview and then selectively visit the individual exhibitors. The success of this concept is demonstrated by the enormous popularity of the piazzas. This year we have also therefore decided to expand the exhibition area."

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