Growth slows in $30 billion global veneer sheet market

The global veneer sheets market revenue amounted to $30.6B in 2018, about the same as the previous year. This figure reflects the total revenues of producers and importers, excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers' margins included in the final consumer price.

IndexBox has published a new report: World - Veneer Sheets - Market Analysis, Forecast, Size, Trends and Insights. Here is a summary of the report's key findings.

In general, veneer sheet consumption continues to indicate a relatively flat trend pattern. The pace of growth was the most pronounced in 2011 with an increase of 10 percent against the previous year. Over the period under review, the global veneer sheets market attained its peak figure level at $31.6 billion in 2008; however, from 2009 to 2018, consumption stood at a somewhat lower figure.

In 2018, according to the report, the global production of veneer sheets stood at 15 million metric tons, flattening at the previous year. The total output volume increased at an average annual rate of 1.2 percent over the period from 2007 to 2018. The trend pattern remained consistent, with somewhat noticeable fluctuations being recorded throughout the analyzed period. Global veneer sheet production peaked in 2018 and is likely to see steady growth in the near future.

In 2018, about 1.8 million metric tons of veneer sheets were exported worldwide; declining by 6.8 percent against the previous year. In value terms, veneer sheet exports amounted to $3 billion in 2018. In general, veneer sheets exports, however, continue to indicate a mild shrinkage.

In 2018, Russia followed by China, Canada and Ukraine were the largest exporters of veneer sheets, together accounting for creating 41 percent of total exports.

From 2007 to 2018, the most notable rate of growth in terms of exports, amongst the main exporting countries, was attained by Indonesia, while the other global leaders experienced more modest paces of growth.

In value terms, the largest veneer sheets markets worldwide were Canada, the U.S. and China, with a combined 31 percent share of global exports. Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Romania, Gabon, Indonesia, Myanmar, Estonia and Brazil together accounting for a further 31 percent.

In 2018, the average veneer sheet export price amounted to $1,701 per metric ton, gaining 6.4 percent against the previous year. In general, the veneer sheet export price, however, continues to indicate a measured decrease.

In value terms, veneer sheet imports totaled $3.1 billion in 2018. Overall, veneer sheet imports, however, continue to indicate a mild downturn. Japan, the U.S. and China represented roughly 32 percent of total imports of veneer sheets in 2018.

In value terms, the U.S. ($434 million) constitutes the largest market for imported veneer sheets worldwide, comprising 14 percent of global imports.



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