HUTCHINSON, Minn. -- Goebel Fixture Co. has announced their involvement with the Hutchinson Middle School Wood Manufacturing Program.

Goebel’s operations manager, Ryan Heinbaugh, was fortunate enough to help judge the Hutchinson Middle School Wood Manufacturing final year-end project. With that Goebel also had the opportunity to host the award ceremony.

The technical education teacher at Hutchinson Middle School, Richard Buchholz, asked local professionals in a wide variety of professions to judge each students final project. Goebel represented the woodworking industry.

Other companies represented furniture sales and other manufacturing. Buchholz took into consideration the students overall grade point average, attendance and final project point’s errand from the professional judges when he determined the awards.

Goebel hosted the award ceremony at the Hutchinson Middle School Auditorium. Parents of the students were invited to attend to see the finished wood benches and mingle prior to the ceremony. Goebel’s director of finance and human resources, Tara Briggman, was on hand to talk to the audience about a career in the woodworking industry and what that means to a student looking into those types of career paths.

Awards were provided by Goebel totaling $1,350 in certificates. The certificates will be redeemed for material used toward the Wood Manufacturing High School course final project. Goebel helped create a path that will encourage students to keep with the program and learn the trade.