Gemini acquires Missouri-based coatings and finishing firm
August 28, 2017 | 10:02 am CDT
EL RENO, Ok. - Gemini Industries, Inc (an employee-owned company) is proud to announce the acquisition of Amteco, Inc., a Missouri based manufacturer of coatings and finishes.
The acquisition of Amteco provides Gemini with best-in-class technology and a highly competitive product portfolio for both the exterior wood and metal coatings markets in North America.
For years now TWP (an EPA registered preservative) has been the brand of choice when it comes to the professionals. The Zero Rust product line has quickly become the go to product of choice when it comes to protecting your metal investments. Just ask your local Hot Rod enthusiast.
Gemini says its shareholders (its employees) couldn’t be more excited with this recent acquisition: Two great companies coming together and combining resources to service the North America market like no one else can in today’s market.
Source: Gemini Industries

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