KREAMER, Pa. - Representatives from Pennsylvania's Attorney General's Office are meeting to discuss ongoing insurance fraud complaints against Wood-Mode's former owners, the Daily Item is reporting.
Former employees have filed renewed complaints against former employers Robert and Brooks Gronlund, claiming they were only recently informed that their health insurance hadn't been paid for since April 8 - a month before the company now infamously shut down.
Their health insurance provider, Geisinger Health Plan, informed employees last week that any claims filed after April 8 may not have been covered. Employees say they continued to pay for the insurance up until the closure, despite no longer having coverage.
Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz' first instinct was that a crime had been committed, he told the Item.
Wood-Mode infamously shut down unexpectedly in May, leaving more than 900 employees out of a job. Many orders were placed in limbo and dealers were left in uncertainty. The company was purchased a few months later by Pennsylvania-based Professional Building Systems owner Bill French. Since reopening, French has brought 235 former employees back on the payroll.

Before closing, Wood-Mode was listed among the top 10 cabinet companies in the latest FDMC 300, a listing of the top North American wood products manufacturers. The company produces semi-custom and custom frameless and frame cabinetry, under the Wood-Mode and Brookhaven brands.


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