GREENSBORO, N.C. - The Forge, a public woodworking, hackers space and metal crafting collective, is moving to larger quarters following a board and members decision that it needed more space to continue fulfilling its vision. The grand opening of the new center is April 29, according to  Joe Rotondi, executive director. 

While renovation to its new space at 219 W Lewis Street in Greensboro, North Carolina is underway, it will be oeprating from an an interim space at 120-C West Lewis Street. Due to the limitations of the building, its metal shop and wood shop are temporarily down until the new shop opens. 

Makerspaces benefit new and existing businesses in the community by fostering the interdisciplinary interactions between members, founding new ideas that can lead to new businesses. Entrepreneurs can then connect with our network of like-minded makers and investors.
Forge Greensboro provides the community with inexpensive access to a workshop area and a collaborative space, filled with equipment and high-end technology not commonly available to individuals. The space provides an area for advanced software development, digital design, electronics fabrication, meetings, seminars, and more.
As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we aim to inspire our members and the outlying community to “own” their city, by making it what they dream it can be! We accomplish this through offering tools, classes, events, and workspaces to our members and the public, spreading the joy of making and helping forge creative minds.
Forge Greensboro aims to catalyze the spirit of making in Greensboro by providing a high-end facility that brings advanced technology to innovative minds, giving them the space and equipment needed to make their visions a reality.The Forge’s focus is not only to be a resource for individuals, but also for local workforce development. Our facility provides access to tools, equipment, and training that create a place where artists can experience the full spectrum of career possibilities with little investment, find their true passion, and deliver a demonstrable skill to prospective employers.
Workforce development is directly connected to skilled labor through our network of industry contacts. We encourage local businesses, emerging startups, and corporations to utilize the Forge as a resource for talent acquisition!

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