Here's a quick checklist of things not to do in the new year:

1. Say yes to every potential job.

Take every job that comes your way, especially those that you know you’ll lose money on, those that are outside of your company’s capabilities, and those that are from difficult customers that you’ve dealt with in the past.

Disclaimer: Remember, these suggestions are what not to do in the coming year.

2. Reduce your selling price to achieve more volume.

When requested, lower your prices to gain more volume in your shop. Even though material and labor costs may be rising, try to compete with the lowest-cost imports that you can find.

3. Don't plan on how to get your future employees.

Don’t spend any time today on developing a strategy for developing employees for tomorrow. Don’t contact local schools or training centers, or other companies in your area.

4. Close the door and make decisions yourself.

Don’t ask for any input from your employees, key personnel, or even others outside your company when you have to make a decision.

5. Don't seek out technology and new methods.

Keep your current equipment until it is on its last legs and not running. Just like that old car you had.

We’ll have some suggestions for what you should do in the near future.


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