LUDLOW FALLS, Ohio — Nine fire departments battled a blaze for three hours that engulfed a small woodworking business in Miami County, Ohio.

When firefighters arrived at Stull Woodworks, a member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute, they found a fire moving from outside of the building to inside the shop floor, reports local news sources. Upon entry to the shop, firefighters say the fire spread quickly, accelerated by glues and stains.

Firefighters started combating the flames inside the 9,000 square foot shop, but were forced to retreat when the second floor of the building collapsed into the manufacturing area of the first floor.

Local news reports indicate the fire was difficult to contain. Due to the business’s location, firefighters had to tank in water.

There was no fire alarm system in place due to the small size of the business. No one was injured.

Stull's 9,000 square foot woodshop before the fire.

Stull Woodworks, which employs 12 people, said it will not be the end of its business. The company was just six days away from moving to a new location in the nearby town of Troy. 


The company began in 1992 as a result of job opportunities closing in the traditional wood pattern-making industry. Capitalizing on a small collection of tools, a one car garage, and a vision for fine woodworking design and construction, Stull Woodworks was soon established in the custom woodworking world. 
Stull says it quickly outgrew the one-car garage and built a new facility in 1999, and again in 2008.


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